Tuesday, 4 January 2011

dog poo insdint

thear was a woman round the corner from my gran. we wear so MAD! at her. this is what she did. Let her bloomin dog poop on the bloomin road! for me to cycle thru on my bike. then on the left side of the window she shouted to my mum READ THE LAW!

(This is Junior's mummy now - we DID read the law and she WAS committing an offence by allowing her dog to foul a public place. The Dog Fouling Law (Scotland) 2003 states that dogs are NOT allowed to foul a road. Just thought I'd put that in. Even if it wasn't illegal it is common courtesy to pick up your dog's poop.)

I had a humonguoese dobble lolly because I managed to be quiet for haf an hour. It tasted like fizzy pops. I would do anything for a dobble lolly.


  1. Yes, I was mad with that silly lady. How dare she think leaving a big turd on the road is acceptable. She called me an ignorant woman but I'm not the one who left a big pile of doggie doody for someone to stand in/drive through/cycle through when it would have taken 20 seconds to pick it up and put it in the bin. I don't think people should get away with things like that.
    Glad you enjoyed your double lolly. Extra teeth brushing tonight!
    Love you xx

  2. Double lollies are my favourite too!
    Great blog.